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Baptism at St Peters Church

We love Baptising infants, toddlers, children or adults and consider it a huge privilege to be part of the formal welcoming of any child into the Church family.


Baptism is a joyful, but also very serious celebration. On behalf of the baptised child, you, godparents and the Church family will make the commitment before God to bring your child up as a Christian within the family of the Church,


To help you to make these commitments we would like to explore with you what the Christian faith is about and what it means to know and follow Jesus.  This will involve meeting up for a number of weeks, during which we would expect you to come to our Sunday all-age services at 10.30am in Church, where you will also be able to meet many of the other young families.


Once you have had the chance to explore the Christian faith, joined us regularly at Church, and are able make the Baptism commitments on behalf of your child, we will book a date for their Baptism, which would normally take place on the fourth Sunday of the month within our 10.30am service. 


If you are unable to make the commitments on behalf of your child, you can still have a special Thanksgiving service, which is
also a wonderful celebration, but without the water or the commitments. You can then always come back for a Baptism once you feel ready and are more part of the Church family.


We look forward to welcoming you at St Peter’s Church.

More information can be found in the pdf document.

Baptism at St Peter's Church

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