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Vicar's Message

by Revd Martijn Mugge



First of all, a big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Christmas with us. It was truly wonderful to see so many of you joining us in the greatest birthday celebration the world has ever known. We celebrate birthdays of people who are alive; and Jesus is no exception!


In a month time we will be inviting you again, this time to celebrate Easter. At Easter we remember the sadness of Jesus’ death as he gave up his life for us. But we also celebrate the most wonderful news of all, that three days after his death he was raised to new life and is still alive today, offering you and I the gift of ‘forever’ life with him in heaven by putting our trust in him. It is a free gift to us, but it came at a great cost to Jesus.


Which brings us to the Christian tradition of Lent and the practice of some to make particular sacrifices. We do this not to impress God or gain His love; indeed, His love for us couldn’t be any greater than it already is. No, we do it as it helps us to refocus our lives on the things that really matter. So, we might give up chocolate, excessive drinking or spending countless hours watching TikTok or television and instead take up healthy eating, exercise or building relationships.


As an example, we felt some years ago that the pressure to watch certain programmes was controlling our lives, and so we gave up television for Lent and ended up spending more quality time with each other as a family, playing games, going on walks, and growing in our relationships with each other. Similarly, and more spiritually, you might sacrifice your otherwise packed Sunday mornings or Tuesday evenings, and instead try out Church.


So, here’s a thought: How about freeing up time each day or week to give up one thing so you can focus on the things that really matter.

If that includes Church, then we look forward to welcoming you.

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