Vicar's Message

by Revd Martijn Mugge


Have you ever wondered what Easter is all about? We enjoy the festive spirit with Easter bunnies and plenty of chocolate eggs, but what’s it really all about? Why does the Church get so excited about Easter, and why do we consider it to be an even greater event than Christmas? The answer is all to do with Jesus.  Because it is through the work of Jesus that the first Easter became the most important event in history.


The Bible tells us that when Jesus walked this earth, he did things that only God could do: healing the sick; calming a storm, and even miraculously feeding a crowd, half the size of Conisbrough, with a little boy’s packed lunch. But that wasn’t all. He repeatedly told his followers that he would be arrested, that he would be killed and buried, and that three days later he would be raised to new life! And the most amazing thing is that everything that Jesus predicted came true!


Now just think about this for a moment. Imagine I told you that in two weeks time I will be arrested and die. I suspect you would be quite impressed if my prediction came true, but it wouldn’t be out of this world. But what if I told you that three days after my death I would come back to life, and you saw me three days later alive as predicted. You would have to conclude that I had powers beyond this world. Which is exactly what Jesus did. He backed up his claims to be the Son of God by being raised to new life. And he now invites you and I to get to know him and to entrust our lives to Him, so that we might receive eternal life through Him.

At Christmas we celebrated God in Jesus stepping into our world as ‘Immanuel’, which means ‘God with us’. At Easter we celebrate God in Jesus opening up the way for us to be with God.  And so this Easter, may the joy of that reunion truly fill your hearts.  Happy Easter. And Please do come along on Sundays. We’d love to welcome you.